Building Towards The Sky Is The Only Option

Land is at a premium, and many homeowners seeking additional space have found they are limited in the amount of area where they can build on their land. Many of these restrictions have come in the past few decades, and most of them deal with the ability of the land to retain storm water runoff. For those who still want to add square footage to their home, they might want to build towards the sky. Adding an additional floor might be their only choice, but it can come with many benefits they might not have thought of when they decided to add to their home.

Private Family Space

Families are generally comfortable with friends and family dropping by without an invitation, but they can become disconcerted when an uninvited guest arrives when they are not at their best. When adding additional space, many families are concerned with keeping children enclosed in their own area. They want the main part of the home to be easy to keep clean for company and entertaining, so adding private family space upstairs might be the best answer for them. The family’s belongings are out of sight, and they can devote the majority of their main floor to hosting company at any time.

Additional Value

There are many people who now want an open main floor plan, and they want the bedrooms on another floor. When a homeowner is forced to limit their building, they can create additional value to their home when they build up instead of out. The green space around their home is unchanged, but the available living space is expanded in this case. People will always pay more for expanded living space, but they also want the value that goes with a good-sized lawn and garden. Adding up might appear to be a drawback at first, but it can pay off down the road with a good sale price if the family moves.

Expanded Security Options

The modern world can be a difficult place to live, and expanded security options are more important than ever before. Adding area to a home by building up can give the owners options they never dreamed of when they originally purchased their home. For those with a large outside area, Bolton CCTV units installed on a higher roof can give them better sight lines to all of their lawn and garden areas. The family can monitor them through their electronic devices, or they can have them installed and monitored by i Security. This additional layer of security can also become a selling point if the family chooses to move at a later date.  Further deterrents such as intruder alarms Bolton can also be installed for extra security.

Expanding a home has become a way for growing families to remain in place, but it is balanced by local regulations that keep the area safe from the environmental impact of storm water drainage. For those who are forced to build up on their property, there are many ways it can benefit them and add value to their home. It might not always be the ideal situation, but good planning and construction can make it a solution that works well for everyone.